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the  Art of  Nao

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______________Scroll 2a   .   67 x 134 cm   /    26  x  53 inches_____________



Scroll 2a-section 1

When we see words as 2-Dimensional arrows that point away from themselves, then we inevitably receive our information directly from the sensory 4-Dimensional situations within which we actually live--rather than from our ideas about them. Unchaperoned by censoring text, we make naked contact with the sensual information of now. Fully free to feel, we become wildly vitalized and act with vigor, instinct, and imagination. 

For the profound timing and guidance that inevitably develop, this synthesis of our animal neurology with our literate self is the ideal human state. Only pure animals can act in the moment with their whole being, unhindered by concepts of what should happen. Instead, each instant is addressed with the totality of their senses’ capacities for action and instinct.

When we are in our own humanimal state, we also sense the process of living as an evolving dialogue between life’s energies and ourselves. Accordingly, our resistance is at a minimum as to what is, and as to what might be next.

The easy give & take that flows from our relaxation liberates us from the impression of a forced storyline to each situation. Consequently, we no longer feel the need to play out the seemingly conventional causes and effects of any kind of a moment; instead, we behave with inspiration and spontaneity. 



Scroll 2a, section 2

As a result, we are increasingly comfortable to be in suspense and to let life unfold into the adventure that it always has the potential to be. We no longer need to restrain ourselves in self-protection from the future, nor in reaction to the past. Instead, we can focus our energies on growth and expansion within our own Nao and not someone else’s, which might be quite different.

Each present moment is when every component of our life is in real time contact with its own information, when all of its 0-4 dimensions are lined up, available for our experience and subject to our directions. Only during this Nao is there an open channel for pure energy to flow to its destination as our personally guided manifestation. 

From this powerful stance, we naturally act in a state of sensory wonder whereby, we experience both the innocence of a child and the sophistication of an adult. Our accompanying lack of resistance to existence, which is infancy’s hallmark thirst for life, lets perception, sensuality, & spontaneous information flow into our consciousness. This way of life needs neither belief systems nor renunciation, only information and our deliberate use of it. 

What we think about our life, and how we feel about it, comes from clothing ourselves in textiles spun from concepts of self and reality. 



Scroll 2a, section 3.1

As our conceptual texts and emotional textures unceasingly formulate one another, the patterns of our life emerge from the fibers of our feelings in cross-weave with those of our concepts. 

In order to have the capacity to transform any moment’s textures, we must return to the realization of our basic self as a purely conceptual being constantly defining and refining itself through information. With such a conceptual viewpoint, we can imagine the arrival of any moment’s ideal transformation as easily as a sculptor envisions the next curve of a figure.



Scroll 2a, section 3.2

The capacity to make use of our native creativity exists to the extent that we can commute between the freeform inner world and the relatively constant outer one, each of which is an aspect of the other. Together, inner and outer shape a seamless feedback loop, an energetic circuit. 

What transforms us into an authentic artist is our continuous remembrance of this spiraling interflow and our courage to seize each moment’s self-expressive &/or healing options. These can take many forms, but all creativity involves our awareness of the changes that we cause with each movement, with each thought, with each feeling.

Once we realize that all the segments of our daily lives emerge from the inside out, we see how each moment is drawn out according to what we feel we deserve,  >



Scroll 2a, section 4

>  and in the way that we feel we deserve it. 

The concept of “drawing out” reality is particularly fitting, for, as with the act of sketching, life is an art form that appears on the many pages marked with the neurological firings that record our lives.

To look at our life dynamics in this way requires the ability to detach from being a “me” into being that of a neutral and observing consciousness, one in contact with sensory information but not identified with it. Not because detachment is a righteous stance in itself, but only for the sake of pragmatism. 

Only from a place that offers perspective can we both deconstruct and reconfigure the conceptual arrangements that define what our lives are about. Just as a painter, by stepping back, determines where a painting needs the next compositional element, so our stance as pure being lets us compose ourselves at will. This approach is especially essential if we do not want to live at the mercy of the many self-serving forces around us.

We develop detachment by cultivating a consistent presence in our inner world where our observations can notice the momentary concepts of self and reality that are holding it all together. Our insights into the lynchpin ideas and emotions involved in any situation then trigger inspiration for creative techniques that further our desired outcomes of reality. 



Scroll 2a, section 5

Such an optimal relationship with our perceptions maintains a neurological flow whereby our unhesitant synaptic firings keep us moving “through” experiences rather than being stumped by them. The smoother the process, the more we can simultaneously direct and observe the way in which anything arises, from concept to full manifestation. 

In parallel, detachment develops the capacity to act deliberately rather than reactively. It does so because whenever we increase inner space, we reduce the motion of outer changes. With seemingly fewer external demands, we can nao consider our actions while fully receptive to our intuitions and their guidance. 

Although detachment is a major part of our technical repertoire, the goal of life is still to live fully immersed in it, just not so much as to become lost and confused about what is going on and how it happened. 

Each of us started our humanimal journey with the seed of a goal: the ongoing expression of our authentic self, the one that can never sever its connection to its deepest being, what I call: the +crossfield of information. Our self-conceived being willingly undertook a human journey to come under the spell of its own experiences. 

As with all voyages, we cannot guarantee how, or if, we will ever reach our destination. Once we incarnate we must now cross the forces of the actual path itself towards the goal. There, we run into unprecedented situations and, unavoidably, go further and further out on a limb of material branching out. In the process, we develop custom->



Scroll 2a, section 6— End of Scroll 2a

> -tailored strengths of lifestyle and character that determine if we will, or can, maintain our seed goal in its rightful place at the center of our heart. 

This ongoing challenge is not extraordinary; it is simply part of navigating the circumstances and temptations of life. The universe itself does not insist upon what we each should do with our lives, inasmuch as it doesn’t need our help for its continuity. Rather, it is up to us to nurture the concept of a caring universe and to incorporate its support into our expectations.

We are on this earth on a temporary basis; it is our responsibility, and ours alone, to care for our life and the fulfillment of its potentials. How much of it we actualize, and in what way, depends upon our access to information, followed by what information we act upon. 

Our personal power in life first depends upon the way in which we think about ourselves in relation to key words; this book contains information about some of them. Most are familiar: identity, meaning, the now, spirituality, reality, ego, love, faith, truth, consciousness, money, matter. Many of these are usually discussed as philosophical subjects—something about which we can have an opinion, but without any universal agreement as to their objective descriptions. All words, however, are distinct conceptual building blocks whose shaping potential is accessed by how well we grasp the creative forces that a given word is about.

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