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the  Art of  Nao

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Scrol l  32  .  92.5  x 170.5 cm       ~ 36.5  x ~ 67  inches



Scroll 34-section 1.1

>  and spirit of the matter is how a given situation echoes how we currently feel and think about ourselves and what reality will allow.

Who do you think you are that you belong in a certain situation, and why do you think that you deserve to be in it? The answers constitute the forces by which you are bound to your own story. Change your answer and you must also change the forces by which you must live.

Here is where deliberate breathing calms us enough to be able to step back and observe our problematic situation’s ruling dynamics. New insights, thoughts and feelings can then arise out of the spaces we’ve just created; with them come a fresh sense of enlightenment and a reduction in the situation’s mass.

Due to our now expanded viewpoint and the information that it brings, we can disperse our former conviction that the problem is solid and absolute. Instead, we see it as something that we have bonded, inadvertently, and can dissolve by using our creative freedom to start a new drawing-out.

As soon as this potential is reclaimed, a part of us  >



Scroll 34-section 1.2

>  naturally dissolves into the +crossfield, from which new information then arises to direct us into a solution. Our self-examinations will continue to reveal what concepts of power and disempowerment must be involved for the current situation to have its problematic character. 

We do not need to figure out how the moment’s repair will come into being or what it will be. We need only change the emotional tone of our perceptions by imagining a rerouting of the situation towards the better. From then on, the problem stops being fed and its dissolution is underway.

This approach is not the latest set of rose-coloured glasses, but a call for life’s unbounded creativity to move information around and from that, create something beneficial from the elements at play. It can always do so, and, when called upon it always does, for the essence of being is pure creation within ingenuity. Similarly to a new drawing in a sketchbook, life’s every moment is free to draw out new content.

If we can springboard ourselves to such a view, then the +crossfield of information will fluidly organize a restoration of wellbeing and even deliver a bonus through the repair of related complications. This self-healing process is part of the creative tide that ebbs and flows between our individual autonomy  >



Scroll 34-section 2.1

>  and our universal home base.

As we work our way from the macro level to the micro vibratory source of all being, we realize that our thoughts and feelings are filled with spaces from which we can exit a problem and, in a holistic way, enter into its solution. Inevitably, this viewpoint guides us towards a restoration of our wellbeing in a new set of circumstances in which we are sufficiently relaxed to give a sigh of relief and so, breathe deep.

40       Relax, It's Only Alignment

If you can visualize the intersecting angles of an x-y-z graph, with each axis perfectly extended along its perpendicular, then you will clearly see a  representation of true relaxation combined with alertness.

This 3D graph’s zero meeting point is where we cannot help but feel relaxed for we are now neurologically aligned vis à vis the various directions in which life’s forces can go. The essence of relaxation, not to forget cool, is to maintain this alignment regardless of the forces acting upon us.

One technique towards re-orienting ourselves in this way is to visualize the current status of our inner x-y-z axes according to how we are feeling at any given moment. Whenever we are out of sorts, anxious, afraid, insecure, etc., we can clearly sense how our lack of self-composure is reflected in the axes’ off-kilter relationships.



Scroll 34-section 2.2

By gradually realigning and straightening, via our imagination, all the axes, we will be able to restore ourselves to a calm and optimistic state, both relaxed and alert to action. We now feel as clear as a crystal, and so cannot help but allow light to shine through us.

41       All Clear

What is clear provides transparency such that space and light can go through it and things other than itself become the focus of attention.

There are a handful of naturally clear human states that are invisible and silent when pure, but obstacles to well being when they are not.

1. Air is clear; it nourishes us with its oxygen and poisons us when it is no longer transparent.

2. Light is clear and invisible; it only appears when reflected back to us as that which it illuminates. The light itself remains indifferent as to what it reveals.

3. Consciousness is clear unless its natural follow-through is ignored. When we act against it, our inner world creates noise where there once was peaceful silence.

4. Health is weightless and invisible when present and in that state, taken for granted. There is/are an infinite number of unhealthy  >



Scroll 34-section 3.1

>  states, but the degrees of deviation away from a healthy one are few.

5. Freedom is clear and we move through it without hindrance.

6. Flow is clear of hesitation; it is the desired rhythm for all changes. 

7. To think clearly is to not use incomplete information to come to a complete conclusion.

8. To see clearly is to see what presents itself, combined with what seeks to hide.

9. To see clearly is to not see what isn’t there. >



Scroll 34-section 3.2    End of Scroll 34

10. To hear clearly is not to hear what wasn’t said.

11. To hear clearly is to hear what is being expressed, along with what remains unspoken. 

12. To act clearly is not necessarily to know the full outcome of our actions, but to recognize that the time to act has come.

13. Ethics are clear; they enable the right way to manifest itself such that we do not have cause in the future to regret the decisions and actions of the past.

End of the last scroll in the Art of Nao

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