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the  Art of  Nao

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_________________Scroll  3   .   66  x 135 cm   /    26  x  53 inches________________


Scroll 3-section 1.1 

The specifics of every reality directly reflect the orchestration of the experiencer’s root vibrations, both conceptual and emotional. When we change the way in which we tune ourselves, we alter the next moment’s formative pulsations. Subsequent revisions in our story will then emerge as solidly as do those that follow a writer’s selection of different words to tell a different tale. 

What becomes a real thing is only the final expression of what emerged from a zero-dimensional conceptual field whose vibratory landscapes form the  first dimension of our feelings. As we make contact with ever-greater dimensionality, we draw out the 2-Dimensional words & images, illustrated in the 3-Dimensionality of our imaginations and, finally, the 4-Dimensions of our life’s events. 

As soon as we open ourselves to the idea of reality as principally constructed of pure concepts, then we can put this way of thinking into effect. It is usually beyond this point that we seem to receive offers of assistance through fortuitous circumstances. This is not thanks to any new special status, but because life offers supportive resources to all who connect with the +crossfield. The only requirement is to seek out this connection.



Scroll 3-section 1.2

Simultaneously with our reach for it, the +crossfield is meeting us halfway and extending its own information into verticality of being. It thus informs energy into becoming the changes that we want to flow to us. These come through meetings, coincidences, sudden opportunities, and new ideas. The +crossfield also brings us the insight and understanding needed to make the most of these encounters. 



Scroll 3-section 1.3

A majority of us have experienced urgent prompts to do something or go somewhere at a certain time, but without any obvious reason; as a result, we resisted letting ourselves be moved into action. Yet, those who did so found that a benefit awaited them, sometimes a great one. With a history of intuition-driven accomplishments, we eventually realize that we ignore these directives to our own disadvantage. 

The assistance and guidance offered by the +crossfield of information does not do away with the process of going through any of our experiences. If it did, then there would be no point at all in the limitations within which we live. It would be like being in a random slide show with no reason for one image to lead to another. Alternatively, via the +crossfield and our own initiative, we get to play the game of life with an optimal set of cards, regardless of circumstances. 

We can get a sense of this living support by observing the skill of other creatures in constructing their habitats, finding food, communicating   >



Scroll 3-section 2.1 

>  with one another, and acting on a multitude of other useful intuitions. These activities are in response to an immediate nao as it relates to each entity’s streaming sensual information. 

We can tap into that same assistance for whatever we need in order to feel fulfilled—no matter how trivial or silly. This bounty is possible specifically because of reality’s base as vibratory events—our life is simply a stabilized dream. As a result, in terms of energy expenditure, it doesn’t matter what comes into being since none of it is fully there. 

When everything is seen as an arrangement of blueprinted energies, then the cost for materializing what we wish applies to our own self-management rather than to a competition with others for limited resources.

4       Form, the Universal Factor



Scroll 3-section 2.2

In life, as in television, we are mesmerized into thinking that separate things are going on when, instead, everything is happening on a unified screen. We know that on a monitor there is a technique being used: the activation of multiple points of energy. The physical dimensions that seemingly arise from the screen are illusions, and very effective ones.

This is possible because each disinterested, but specifically designed, point on the screen plays its part towards the goal of creating an impression of reality. All the while, it exists with no greater identity than that of a single generic point. In the same way as pixels on a screen, our perceptions are the composite of our senses’ activities energized by the information that they process.

Information, combined with perception and imagination, shapes our nervous system, which, in turn, informs our subsequent perceptions and imaginations. Due to this cause and effect relationship, we can more or less transform our reality through the information that we allow to influence our neurology, whose bottom lines are thoughts and feelings. 



Scroll 3-section 3.1

The stem form in “information” is what we recreate with our imaginations; we receive information’s prefix in (information) within. There, its suffix ion (information) ionizes our nervous system into any one of its 3 possible states: activated, inhibited, or unchanged.

This text promotes the viewpoint that our reality is malleable to the point of being, literally, an art form. The more we practice reacting to circumstances on this premise, the more we will get proof of our creative control. To that end, it is far more effective to think about reality’s contents in terms of forms rather than in terms of meanings. 

All things exist in some distinct form or other, whereas meanings vary. Indeed, form is a universal factor, and a beautiful one at that for its constancy in the midst of change: though each form varies, it remains constant as a form of some kind. 



Scroll 3-section 3.2

Form’s universality is a cure-all for enabling agreement when meanings differ. We can readily concur on the form of something (i.e.: as a thought, a feeling, an object, a fantasy, etc.) even when we cannot agree on its semantic value, its meaning. 

Since each form engages our physical apparatus in a different way, the fundamental question of any reality is not ”is it real?” but rather: ”what form does this reality have?” The answer automatically lets us know the forces and dimensions involved and therefore, what our options are in relation to it.

Is the form physical, as with an external object and so, potentially immediate? Is it conceptual, as with a thought or idea, and so a question of understanding the words used to describe it? Alternatively, is it emotional, as with feelings, and so a question of managing and interpreting one’s own neurology? 

Information is the natural medium for all our experiences—it is a way of  >



Scroll 3-section 4.1

>   establishing the forms that are involved in a given reality. Whatever the situation at play, feeling good is the key sensual information that we will seek out. We will usually accept the form in which good feelings arrive, just as long as they do appear.

Meet the Form Family:

Inform Formal

Information Formality

Misinform Formidable

Misinformation Formless

Formation Formula

Transform Conformity



Scroll 3-section 4.2

Platform Nonconformity

Reform Uniform

Reformation Perform

Deform Uninformed

Deformation Unformed

5       Conceptual Detergent

It is futile to ask for a problem-free life since, obstacles and their solutions are a natural part of learning, growth, adventure, experimentation,   >



Scroll 3-section 5

>   and whatever else calls for a response, at all levels. 

Such states as doubt, resistance, disease, apprehension, fear, and so on, must feel uncomfortable in order to force us to pay attention to vital messages as to where we are, and where we might be headed. Otherwise, if unbalanced states felt comfortable, then we would never be motivated to remedy them and, gradually, would  fall apart. 

The art of being as relaxed as possible in the midst of discomfort and uneasiness is to, first, understand the temporary nature of our sensations of distress, then to breath deeply and begin to move through them with a minimum of meanings in mind. This approach optimizes our capacity to be in the moment and, like a cat landing on its feet, to ride out the process of things “righting” themselves. Letting go is how we allow our life to flow.

A solution to any setback develops as soon as we focus away from the solidity of our experience and, instead, view it as an energized concept that surfaced out of our deep vibratory landscapes. This softened description immediately triggers the process by which problems dissolve on their own—as they must. Within the information of any problem is also that of its dissolution.

Get more into the problem, face it, and the spaces between its parts reveal themselves, thus disassembling its solidity into a solution—whose very definition is: elements suspended within a medium, and so, capable of fluidity. 

The more practiced we are at simply processing the moment without giving it meaning, the more stable we are through any difficulties, and the more we can   >



Scroll 3-section 6 — End of Section 3

>   bear to be in suspense while the situation reorients itself. It will do so for the better because to undertake any solution is to expel the problem’s shaping energy out of the system and so, let it literally express itself. As it is, the deforming effects of repressed energies are usually the tonal source of most of our life problems. 

Any such expressive process requires us to minimize our fears and their associated feelings, and to avoid getting ahead of ourselves into assumptions and speculations as to what will happen. Instead, we focus our energies into visualizing the point where the setback has been solved—but without wondering how it will do so. 

Our desire for a solution is already influential in its truth and acts as a catalyst for the +crossfield of information to draw out the problem’s solution. From our +crossfield substrate, life always has the information needed to rearrange elements for our benefit. As a result, at some point along the way, a solution will appear on its own. It may, nevertheless, arrive in a different way and in another form than the one we would have expected.

Sometimes the repair even feels incomplete. This is more often the case at the beginning of our practices. The missing piece is that either, we were not yet willing enough to let go of the situation’s problematic components, or we specified an outcome whose nature excluded the ultimately desired content. 

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